Recreational Towing Activities

These activities include but not limited to; waterskiing, wake-boarding, surfing, barefoot skiing, kneeboarding, parasailing, and tubing. 


Rules to remember when towing someone with your boat:

  • You MUST have a spotter on board the boat who can keep watch on each person you are towing and communicate with you. This permits the operator to focus on driving the boat.
  • There must be an empty seat on each boat for each person you are towing in case they need to come on board.
  • You may only tow persons with a personal watercraft to carry 3 or more people. 
  • If someone you tow is not wearing a life jacket or PFD, you must have one on board for them.
  • You may not tow anyone when visibility is poor or from 1 hour after sunset to sunrise.
  • No towing boat may be remotely controlled.

*From Transport Canada website