Healthy Waterfronts

FOCA created A Shoreline Owner's Guide to Healthy Waterfronts that is a quick and easy overview of ways to make the most of our shoreline property, while supporting our lake's ecosystem. 



Shorelines are the ribbon of life, providing habitat including shelter and food, for over 90% of aquatic wildlife. If you are interested in restoring your shoreline, please refer to this how-to link


For information about native plant species for our area refer to this guide


The Natural Edge shoreline re-naturalization program is now available from the Muskoka Watershed Council. 

The program includes;

  • Free site visit
  • Customized re-naturalization planting plan for your shoreline property
  • 50 native plants including trees, shrubs, and wildflowers
  • hemp-fibre pads to deter grass from growing around new plantings
  • Tree guards for all deciduous trees
  • Mulch for your wildflowers
  • Plant Care Guide with instructions on how to take care of your new plants
  • Habitat Creation Guide
  • Wildflower Garden Guide

There is a one-time fee of $300. The value of the plants alone surpasses the fee.



Do not add sand to the shoreline to create a beach. Sand may contain phosphorus. Exposed sand moves with surface run-off and works its way into the lake bottom. It smothers bottom-dwelling organisms and invertebrates. Sand also reduces the amount of aquatic and shoreline habitat for fish, reptiles, and amphibians.