On Ril Lake, the water is for all to enjoy and share in a safe and respectful manner. This means that everyone also has a responsibility to respect and share waterways with wildlife, swimmers, other boaters and watercraft ranging from sailboats to float planes. 


Be Wake Aware!

By provincial law, watercraft are restricted to a speed limit of 9 km/h within 30 m of shore. This limit is in effect whether it is posted or not. Exceptions include:

  • Recreational towing while travelling perpendicular (away) from the shore.

This speed limit is designed to minimize the risk to people in or on the water, near shore, reduce wake damage and minimize noise disturbance. 


Canadian Safe Boating Course has resources covering rules and regulations, operating a motor boat, rescue equipment, etc. 


Required safety equipment by vessel size.


Safe Quiet Lakes is dedicated to making the Muskoka Lakes safer and quieter to ensure the sustainable enjoyment of a treasured shared resource.