Welcome to the Ril Lake Association

Celebrating 47 years together

Shoreline Clean-Up

Saturday, August 22nd



Every year, tens of thousands of Canadians take action against shoreline litter by participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up. Our event is taking place this Saturday. All volunteers are welcome. Spend your morning giving back to the lake we love, by cleaning-up the shoreline or road near you.



Call or text Rachel Parsons, 519.860.8663, if you would like gloves and garbage bags in advance.


Collected garbage is to be dropped off at the Parsons, 1014 James Point Road, during the noon hour. The material will be sorted and then taken to the transfer station for disposal.


Hope to see you on Saturday!

Annual Sailing Regatta

Congratulations to all Ril Lake Sailors. What a year, we actually had wind, but in traditional Ril Lake fashion we had no idea which direction it was coming from. 
Thanks to Commodore Bruce Clifford for organizing the Regatta! 

Annual Youth Rock Bass Fishing Derby

Thank you and congrats to all of our participants! And big thanks to Ben Mueller for making it a successful day for all! 

A look back at Summer 2019...