Basic Do's and Dont's for Your Septic


1.  Have your septic pumped every 3-5 years by a licenced


2.  Time to pump?  The best time is in the spring or fall so the tank has

     time to allow the bacterial action to establish and thrive

3.  Keep a maintenance record and onsite plan of system

4.  Conserve!!

-    use energy efficient faucets and taps

-    repair leaks

-    use appropriate water levels when doing laundry and dishes

-    take short showers, too much will overflow system

-    take hazardous waste to appropriate centres

Hazardous Waste Information

The following link is the Township of Lake of Bays Waste Management Guide for 2011, 2012.  It lists all information related to landfill sites and pertinent dates for hazardous waste disposal.

-    have an appropriate sized system for your needs

-    divert rain from roofs into rain barrels

-    divert runoff from driveways and patios away from septics

-    install effluent filter to outflow pump to prevent solids from entering

     the leaching bed

-    install high water alarm

-    ensure renters, guests are aware of the "do's and dont's", post

     appropriate signage to help with awareness and education



1.  Items such as the following are NOT septic friendly:

-  fats, grease, oils

-  gasoline, antifreeze

-  varnishes, paints, solvents

-  caustic drain and toilet bowl cleaners

-  bleach

-  pesticides, photographic solutions

-  nail polish remover, hair

-  cat litter

-  paper towels, facial tissue, sanitary products, diapers, condoms

-  coffee grounds, egg shells and other kitchen waste

-  cigarett butts or filters

2.  Don't use commercial additives, they are unnecessary, expensive

     and may cause damage to septic and surrounding water bodies

3.  Don't discharge water softening devices into the system

4.  Don't park or drive, cars, snowmobiles, ATV's or any motorized

     vehicle on the septic bed or tiles

5.  Water drainfield sparingly

6.  Do not erect sheds, buildings on the septic bed area

7.  Do not have a garden on the septic bed area

8.  Do not have a bonfire pit on the septic bed