Ril Lake Shoreline Cleanup Local News Article

The Ril Lake cleanup has been featured online at Cottage Country Now at the following link:


Saturday September 15th to Sunday September 23rd, are the dates of the 2012 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event.  This event began 18 years ago and has over 56,000 volunteer participants. It is noted as one of Canada's largest initiatives in conservation protection.


This year we had an enthusiastic group of Ril Laker's gather on Saturday September 15th, to scour the shoreline and surrounding area for litter posing hazards to wildlife and Ril Lake water quality. The group split into teams in order to cover the shoreline, where accessible and the roadway surrounding Ril Lake.  Each team, wearing hip/chest waders and rubber boots, was armed with garbage bags, sharps containers, rubber gloves and a tally sheet.


Our haul from in and around the lake included the usual litter such as:

- Real estate sign

- Plastic bags 

- Bottles and cans

- Beer cans (seemingly concentrated in specific areas with the beer of choice being Busch)

- Food wrappers

- And of course, cigarette butts and cigar tips


Lake Specific Debris Comprised:

- Floating and beach toys

- Life jacket

- Golf balls

- Tennis balls

- Rope and tie-down straps

- Bait containers

- Metal bed frame


All in all, a dozen garbage bags were collected.  Proper disposal of garbage would prevent these items entering and polluting our streams and lakes.


As a special note, a considerable amount of bonfire ash containing an assortment of hazardous items was discovered in various locations.  Bottle caps, glass and nails need to be removed prior to ash disposal.  This will help to reduce hazards to pets, wildlife and Ril Lake.


Thanks go to our volunteers:  Jan Bullock, Ted Brewer, Virginia Cook, Bob McAuslan, Daina Mueller, Dianne More, Nancy and David Parsons, Judith Smith and Linda Stewart.


Thanks also to Casey Cook for registering Ril Lake as part of the national event for the 5th consecutive year, organizing, tabulating results and disposing of the accumulated garbage and recycling. 

Ril Lake - Boomerang Fundraising Event

Hello Ril Laker's!


Well, the fundraising event held on Saturday August 25th was a resounding success.


An estimated 125-150 people showed up at Bob and Cheryl Wittick's front yard to sing, dance, meet old and new friends and appreciate the Ril Lake Community Spirit!


A special thanks goes to the organizers, members of Boomerang, host property, SMS Rents who provided the light tower and efforts of all who assisted to make this event successful.


Funds raised will go towards the 2013, 40th Anniversary of our Ril Lake Association.  Details of the event will be made available as soon as possible.


Feedback from both Ril Laker's, friends and visitors was very positive.  There were people from other lakes, visitors to residents on the lake and of course, our new Ril Laker's.


Please see images at the "Photo Gallery" tab to the left, to view the fun.

Casey Cook

Dorset Tourism Board

Hello Ril Laker's:


The Dorset Tourism Board located at the following link: has a wealth of information on local businesses, services and upcoming events to name a few items.


If you're looking for somewhere to take your guests that is not far from Ril Lake, please make use of this site for further information.





20th Anniversary Celebration for "Steeling Time"

Happy Anniversary to our own Jim Tomilinson's band, Steeling Time.


On Thursday August 11, 2011 family and friends gathered at Inn-at-the-Falls for dinner and music to celebrate Jim Tomilinson's band, Steeling Time, 20th Anniversary.

It was an evening of fun for all, with great music and a Barbeque buffet dinner.

The photo's below tell the story with a wonderful group shot of all who attended!

Congratulations to band members:

  • Jim Tomlinson, guitar and vocals
  • Jan Olsson guitar and vocals
  • Mike Bloom, bass guitar
  • Bevan Wilson, drums
and here's to the next "20"!!!