Ril Lake Photo Gallery

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Ril Lake Scenes

These are pictures taken from Ril Lakers from various locations around the lake.

Events on and around Ril Lake

Ril Fundraiser - Aug 25, 2012 - Boomerang

Santa Claus Parade 2007, Charitable Donation to the Baysville Fire Dept.

Wild About Wetlands

Images 1, 2 and 3 are from the MNR 2007 Stewardship Seminar series "Wild About Wetlands, introducing community members to the Toronto Zoo's "Adopt-A-Pond" program, "Frog Watch" and "Turtle Tally".

Wild Life

Dock Talk 2008

Our second annual Dock Talk, hosted at Bob and Cheryl Wittick's 2008

Benthic Testing 2011

Benthic Testing 2010

Benthic Testing 2009

Benthic Testing 2008

With Maggie Braun as Biotech for the District Municipality of Muskoka, Site 2 Test 1, South West Bay - May 2008

Ril Lake Sailing Club Regatta

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Sat Sep 15, 2012

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2011

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2009 & 2010

The 2009 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup was completed however, there are no photo's available.


We were unable to participate in the 2010 Cleanup efforts due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2008

Our thanks to volunteers Judith, Courtney, Andrew, Bob, Dianne, Warren, Casey and Alan. Our efforts resulted in the removal of trash and contaminants to Ril Lake. Images of our efforts are noted below which look like they date back to possibly the 1950's and 60's.

Terrestrial Plot DKHC - Delk/Harry Commons 2008

July 2008 - Biotech Maggie Braun, Casey and Dianne setup the Terrestrial Plot which will be monitored for the first time in 5 years. This will give us an indication of forrest and understory growth and possible health impacts to the Lake.