DHC (Delk/Harry Commons)

Ril Lake’s Terrestrial Plot – Established July 6, 2008


Hello Ril Lake:


Last year I had mentioned to the members that along with the Benthic Testing we were going to set up a Terrestrial Plot which is yet another way to determine the watershed and general health of the area surrounding Ril Lake.



As some of you may know, we had an elk that was residing in the Ril Cove Road area last winter and those of us who came into contact with him grew quite fond of him.   He was referred to as “Delk” or “Harry” so in memory of this wonderful animal we have named the Terrestrial Plot in his honour.


The pictures of this event and a wonderful shot of our “Delk/Harry” taken by Kim, Diana & Family, can be seen in the photo gallery.


Please click on the PDF link below to view a more detailed explanation of Terrrestrial Plots and the part they play in continued monitoring efforts.  As always, thanks to all who contributed to this next initiative for Ril Lake.



Casey Cook – October 1, 2008


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