Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2011

Trash from Ril Lake 2011 (Cook 2011)
Trash from Ril Lake 2011 (Cook 2011)

The image above is an example of garbage and debris collected from 2011 efforts in our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup participation.


Although Ril Lake members are very pro-active with our efforts to keep the shoreline, inlets and outlets clean, it is evident there still needs to be some improvement in this area.


As you can see in the images, an old style "stubbie" beer bottle was recovered.  This is a perfect indicator of how garbage can be buried or hidden for many years, subsequently appearing much later.  The impacts of this are far-reaching and create negative impacts to the water, wildlife, ecosystem and our properties.


I sincerely urge all Ril Laker's to be vigilant in removing articles that simply do not belong in/on/near the shoreline or water.


Thank you!

Casey Cook, EMT, ET (Sept 2011)

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - History, Overview and Facts 2011
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